Vision Soccer Academy

VSA Coaching Staff

  Picture  Coach  Position  Program(s)  Email Link  USSF
  Carlos Acebey  Executive Director,
 Pro Coach
Select, Academy EMAIL A  
  Chris McGill Technical Director Select, Academy, Recreational EMAIL  A,
 Premier, DOC, NY,
GK1, GK2,
Youth Development Director Recreational, Academy, Extra Programs, Select EMAIL B,
  Michael Miller Academy
Academy EMAIL D,
Matty Smith Pro Coach Select, Academy EMAIL A  
  Joe Kipnusu  Pro Coach Select EMAIL C  
  Betsy West  Pro Coach Select  EMAIL C  
  Mike Fox  Pro Coach Select EMAIL  C  
  Ryan Sander   Pro Coach  Select EMAIL  C  

Jonathan Hull Team/Staff Coach Select, Academy  EMAIL D  
  Nate Sammler  Team Coach Select EMAIL D  
  Peter Kramer  Team/Staff Coach Select, Academy  EMAIL D  
Javier Gutierrez Team Coach  Select EMAIL E  

Jake Schueler  Pro Coach  Select EMAIL D  
  Ricky Vizcarra  Team/Staff Coach Select, Academy EMAIL  E  
  Michael Frantzen  Head Staff Coach Select, Academy  EMAIL D  
  Brian Springer Pro Coach  Select  EMAIL D  
  Matt Hillis  Team/Staff Coach Select, Academy EMAIL  D  
Jared Kunze Pro Coach Select, Goalkeepers EMAIL D  
Tessa Johnson Team/Staff Coach  Select, Academy  EMAIL E  
Bre Haberl-Kellogg Staff Coach  Recreational, Extra Programs EMAIL E
National Youth
  Brad Smerage   Team/Staff Coach Select, Academy EMAIL E  
  Jack Andrews  Team/Staff Coach Select, Academy, Extra Programs EMAIL D  
  Alyx Sacks  Staff Coach Academy, Extra Programs EMAIL  D  
 Jordan McMahon  Head Staff CoachAcademy EMAIL  E 
 Matt Nickell Team Coach Select EMAIL  
  Jon Choda   Staff Coach  Academy EMAIL   
 Sergio Leiva Velasquez Team/Staff Coach  Classic Team, AcademyEMAIL  E 
 Nicky PoulterTeam Coach Select, Academy, Extra Programs EMAIL  F 
  Rob PetersonTeam/Staff Coach  Select, AcademyEMAIL  D 
 Drew Johnston Team Coach  Select, Academy EMAIL 
 Austin Boyke  Team Coach Academy, GK AcademyEMAIL   
  Troy MoonTeam Coach Select EMAIL  E 
  Willy KappieTeam/Staff Coach   Select, Academy EMAIL  E 
  Adnan Mahutagic   Team/Staff Coach Select, Academy EMAIL D  
  Thomas Horton  Team Coach Select EMAIL D  
 Brian Sheriff Staff Coach Academy  EMAIL  E 
 Jaime Price Staff/Team Coach  Academy EMAIL  D 
 Chris Haviland Staff/Team Coach  Academy EMAIL  E 
 Derek Lippincott Staff CoachAcademyEMAIL E 
 Clay Benore   Staff Coach Academy EMAIL  F 


Welcome to the Vision Soccer Academy of Waukee Website!

The Vision Soccer Academy of Waukee serving central Iowa communities: Waukee, Adel, Clive, Dallas Center, Earlham, Grimes, Norwalk, Perry, Polk City, Urbandale, Van Meter, West Des Moines, and Winterset.

Complex located at 2655 SE LA Grant Parkway, Waukee, IA 50263