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Player Factory

Small Group/Individual Training

Customized training with one of VSA's Professional coaches with a small player to instructor ratio (one coach for 1 to 6 players). Training can be on a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to, foot skills, 1v1 attacking, 1v1 defending, passing and receiving, goal keeping and finishing. Your child's coach will be contacted to develop a training program best suited for them. Training sessions are 30 minutes in length which includes a 2 minute consultation.

Where: VSA Timberline Complex


 Week 1: Monday, July 1st; Tuesday, July 2nd; Wednesday, July 3rd
 Week 2: Monday, July 8th; Wednesday, July 10th; Friday, July 12th
 Week 3: Monday, July 15th; Wednesday, July 17th; Friday, July 19th
 Week 4: Monday, July 22nd; Wednesday July 24th; Friday, July 26th
 5:30pm-6pm, 6-6:30pm, 6:30-7pm, 7-7:30pm, 7:30-8pm, 8-8:30pm


Cost: See chart below. Participants will be billed through the VSA PayPal account prior to the first session.

How: Please fill out the online form. Please note that all training will take place with two or more players. There will be no individual session this winter. Once we receive your information, we will be in contact with you about matching you up with a trainer and/or other group members. It is best if you make contact with other VSA players to form groups. Once we have lined up dates and times for your specific package, we will send a confirmation email. These will be emailed out roughly 7-10 days prior to July 1st. When you respond to the confirmation email, you are committed to the package and will be billed for it through PayPal.

 Number of PlayersNumber of SessionsCost per Session per Player
13 to 6$23.00
23 to 6$20.00
3 to 41$20.00
3 to 42$17.00
3 to 43 to 6$13.00
5 to 61$13.00
5 to 62$12.00
5 to 63 to 6$10.00


·         Offer a ratio of instructor to player environment for specific technical development
·         Give an opportunity to offer “more” to players in a controlled environment
·         Tailor training to players’ specific needs of development

·         Every player will be taken into the program that wants to participate U9 to U19
·         Coaches should not train players that they already coach in a team environment
·         This program will be offered during the off season
·         Training should be intense and specific for the complete 28 minutes 

If you have questions about VSA Player Factory, please email Matty Smith at Player Factory Email.


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